CORDOBA PEANUTS brand is an Identification of Certified Origin (Provincial Law
N° 10.094/12). Its seal guarantees a product of maximum purity and complete sanitation and one whose elaboration is carried out under the strictest food safety regulations. The product has a specific chemical composition, a definite organoleptic profile and particular nutritional attributes.

CORDOBA PEANUTS stands out because of its higher calcium content, low level of acidity, better antioxidant concentration, very good stability, (more) crunchiness and sweeter flavor compared to the peanut form other countries.

The sensory profile of CORDOBA PEANUTS is characterized by an intense roasted peanut flavor and a smooth sweet reminiscence. Its high calcium content gives the peanut a moderate hardness that is pleasant to the palate, and an especially crunchy texture. Our peanut is characterized by the uniformity of its light brown colour. This colour is enhanced with a dim golden glitter through heat processes treatments.

This combination of characteristics makes of CORDOBA PEANUTS a highly attractive product for consumers.


% RDI* NUTRIENTS Amount 100 g/DW**
14 Proteins 25 g
2 Total Carbohydrate 22 g
1 Glucose Fructose Sucrose 10,1 g
59 Total fat 50,7 g
9 Saturated Fat 6 g
  Monounsaturated Fat 32,2 g
  Polyunsaturated Fat 10,6 g
20 Omega 6 fatty acid 9,8 g
8 Omega 3 fatty acid 0,9 g
19 Tocoferoles (Vitamin E ) 9,4 mg
5 Zinc 3,5 mg
12 Copper 1,3 mg
2 Calcium 73,5 mg
15 Magnesium 189 mg
  Manganese 1,7 mg
4 Iron 2 mg
0 Cholesterol 0,0 mg
  Resveratrol Presence
  Flavonoids (Luteolin, Quercetin) Presence
  Isoflavonoids (taxifolin) Presence
*Recommended daily intake: 30 grams, for a daily diet of 2000 calories
**Dry weight

(Research shown at the XXII National Peanut Conference, First Peanut Symposium of the MERCOSUR, September 20th 2007, pg 14-16. General Cabrera, Cordoba. (AR):CIA –INTA. 2007)